Take the first step to a healthier life with AIA Vitality^

A personal way to better health

There’s no better feeling in life than being healthy. That’s why our MaxLife life insurance products give you access to AIA Vitality – a personalised, science-backed program that helps you get healthier by giving you the knowledge, tools and motivation to improve your health. Eligibility criteria applies.^

AIA Vitality gives you access to a range of benefits including a premium discount of up to 10% if you achieve AIA Vitality Silver status or higher. The premium discount is applied on the anniversary of your policy.^^ The higher your AIA Vitality status, the greater the rewards like up to 50% off movies, spa treatments, gym memberships and cashback on eligible flights and up to $500 worth of shopping vouchers each year.

With AIA Vitality you can achieve a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Working towards improving your health will earn you points to grow your status from Bronze to Platinum, unlocking the added incentive of ongoing discounts and rewards along the way. Millions of people around the world are already living healthier, more fulfilling lives with the Vitality program. Because life’s lived best when it’s lived well.


How does AIA Vitality work?

AIA Vitality helps you get healthier by giving you
the knowledge, tools and motivation to improve
your health. As you work towards becoming
healthier, you’ll have the added incentive of earning
AIA Vitality points which will improve your AIA
Vitality Status so you can enjoy even better
rewards and discounts.

  • Know your health

    AIA Vitality offers a range of health assessments to help you find out more about your health.

  • Improve your health

    AIA Vitality helps you get in shape and maintain good health through discounts on gym memberships, fitness devices and more.

  • Enjoy the rewards

    AIA Vitality help keeps you motivated with ongoing rewards for all your effort, including discounts on flights, movie tickets, leading retail brand shopping vouchers, spa treatments and more.


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